What is DARS?

DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)

  1. Available on the web 24/7 (except Monday night from 6 p.m. to Tuesday at 6 a.m. for maintenance), DARS is a software program that matches a student's course work for the current, active program with the degree requirements for a particular major curriculum at Millersville and provides a detailed report, or degree audit, summarizing the completion status of each requirement. The degree audit lists not only the requirements that must be completed in the program, but also the status of degree candidacy and other degree requirements such as cumulative credits and GPA.

    The degree audit includes courses completed at Millersville, transfer courses that have been accepted toward a degree program, courses in progress, and courses registered in a future term at Millersville.
  2. The course information on the audit comes from the Banner Student information system. This is the same system students use to register for classes and to check their grades at the end of a term. Since DARS accesses the actual database where student information is stored, it is accurate as of the moment when you process an audit.
  3. The master's degree audits serve as an advisement tool to report progress toward completing program requirements. It indicates how the completed courses count toward each of the requirements in the curriculum. Students should submit an audit and review it with their graduate program coordinator because it can serve as a basis for discussion and assessment of the academic program and the continued development of the degree audit.
  4. Unfortunately we do not have all degree audits available for students declared in other graduate programs such as for teacher certification, post-masters certification, non-degree or supervisory certificates graduate programs. Please continue to consult regularly with your graduate program coordinator and the graduate office to be aware of policy and curriculum details.
  5. If you have questions about the master's degree audit, or if you think there might be errors or discrepancies, please contact dars@millersville.edu with "Graduate DARS" in the subject heading.

Further questions about the master's program requirements (curriculum), transfer courses or approved graduate courses taken in nondegree status applying towards the program requirements should also be emailed to to the graduate office and your program coordinator with a copy to dars@millersville.edu. Since the master's degree audits are drafts, the requirements are unofficial until the development and testing of DARS curricula on the graduate level is completed. Your communication will assist us with improving the master's degree audits. The graduate office and program coordinators will be actively involved with answering your questions.