Instructions For Graduate Students

Viewing Your Degree Audit on the Web

  1. Log on to Millersville University homepage
  2. Click on MAX: Banner Portal
  3. Enter your User ID (M-number) & PIN; click Login. (To end your web session, click the Exit button.)

    The PIN number is a 6-digit Personal Identification Number that must be entered with your M-number to access web information. It provides added security, similar to the PIN used with your banking or credit card.

    The first time you login to use the MAX web information system, your PIN number will be your birth date in the format MMDDYY (ex. July 1, 1957 is 070157). You will get a message that your PIN has expired and you will be required to change it, as follows:
    • Reenter your old PIN (birth date).
    • Type a new PIN (must consist of 6 numbers).
    • Reenter your new PIN to confirm. Click Login.
    • Create a security question and answer. Please keep question and answer simple (example: grandmother's middle name = Mary).

    If you forget your PIN, click on Forgot Pin. Your security question will be displayed. If you answer the question correctly, then you can reset your PIN.

    The next time you log in to the system, begin using the new PIN. You may change your PIN as often as you like – just follow the instructions on the web.
  4. Choose Student Services.
  5. Choose Advisement, then Degree Audit Report.

Note:  You have to submit an audit before you can view it. Click on Submit an Audit to request a degree audit for your current program. On the next screen, click View Audits to see the list of audits you ran.

Audits are listed in the order in which you requested them, with the most recent one on top. If you don't see the one you just processed, click Refresh the List. It can take a few minutes for an audit to finish running. Click on View Audit next to the one you want to see.

To print the audit you are viewing, use the print command and printer designation for your web browser. The audit #, rather than your name and student ID, will print in the header to protect your privacy.

When finished, be sure to EXIT and close your browser to protect your privacy.

Note: Degree audits processed during the day will be deleted nightly.

Further questions about the master's program requirements (curriculum), transfer courses or approved graduate courses taken in nondegree status applying towards the program requirements should also be emailed to to the graduate office and your program coordinator with a copy to Since the master's degree audits are drafts, the requirements are unofficial until the development and testing of DARS curricula on the graduate level is completed. Your communication will assist us with improving the master's degree audits. The graduate office and program coordinators will be actively involved with answering your questions.