Recommendation Request Information

1. Your full name.

2. Courses that you took with me, the semester taken and your grade.

3. Your most recent cumulative grade point average.

4. Your grade point average for the last four semesters.

5. Your grade point average in sociology classes.

6. Any red flags which appear on your record that you are hoping a letter of recommendation can explain.

7. The specific names of the graduate programs to which you are applying, the deadlines for applications and their policies regarding letters of recommendation

(sent directly to the school, returned in a sealed envelope to the student, etc.)

8. Your immediate goal as well as your long-term professional goals.

9. State briefly why you are a good candidate for the job or graduate program to which you are applying. Please give me a copy of your application statement if you have written one.

10. List any activities that complement your academic credentials (e.g., organization leadership roles, volunteer activities, work or internship experiences).

11. Graduate schools and employers usually ask for evidence of conscientiousness, initiative, ability to work independently and ability to work with others.  Provide any concrete examples that illustrate your strengths in those areas.

12. What information about you are you hoping I will provide in my letter of recommendation?

13. Please check the reference form to be certain that you have completed it.  Be sure you sign where it asks whether you waive your right to see your letters of recommendation. If you have not signed that form, the graduate school will not consider it.

14. Please provide stamped, addressed envelopes for me to mail the letters of recommendation.