Dr. Karen Rice and Dr. Marc Felizzi

Congratulations to Dr. Rice and Dr. Felizzi for the publishing of their

new book: Global Youth: Understanding Challenges, Identifying Solutions, Offering Hope

This book provides innovative and creative interventions, the latest research in youth violence, and commentary on issues affecting young people, globally. 

Edited by Dr. Karen Rice, and Dr. Mark V. Felizzi
with chapter contributions from:
Dr. Heather Girvin;
Through Their Eyes: Using Photo-Elicitation to Explore Bullying and Promote Change
Dr. Laura Brierton-Granruth;
State Taxes Matter in the Lives of Children
Dr. Leonora Foels;
Bullying: Understanding, Preventing, and Assessing
and a foreword by Sergio Argueta

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2010 Alumni Mary Beck

Congratulations to Dr. Johnson for the publishing of his new textbook: Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy (8th Edition)

Acknowledged as the most comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to social welfare policy available, Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy, 8/e, emphasized the current political aspects of policy making and major social welfare programs, including public assistance, Social Security, disability, health insurance, child welfare, and much more. Social Welfare does more than describe the major social welfare policies and programs; it also tackles the conflict and controversies involved in the processes and outcomes of policy making. It contrasts rational and political approaches to policy making, policy analysis, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. The authors present conflicting perspectives, encouraging students to think critically, to debate, and to consider their own views on issues.

Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy (8th Edition) 8th Edition
by Diana M. DiNitto (Author), David H. Johnson (Author)

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Dr. Marc Felizzi

Dr. Felizzi had his research article "Family or Caregiver Instability, Parental Attachment, and the Relationship to Juvenile Sex Offending" published in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Congratulations Dr. Felizzi!

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