MSW-MEDSM Dual Degree


  • Earn Two Masters Degrees At Once!
  • Summer Term Applications Due By Feb. 1 Or Until Full
  • Structured For Full & Part Time Students


This dual degree program allows students in the MSW and MEdSM programs to pursue two degrees at once. Students will need to apply and be admitted to both programs in order to pursue these degrees. It is not required that the student be admitted to both programs at the same time.

Benefits of the Dual Degree Program:

  • Students will discover and comprehend the mental health needs of athletes of all levels, including such topics as transition to a post athletic career options, recruiting issues, mental health awareness, social skills training, substance abuse education, and advocacy for student athletes, as well as eating disorders and mental performance training.
  • Students will understand the emerging trends in social work and sport management that point to this need to include mental health awareness in athletics.
  • Students will conduct and become aware of research related to the issues athletes face on and off the playing field, specifically in the fields of mental health and trauma.
  • Minimizing of secondary trauma many individuals experience following a disaster due to lack of needs being met (Van Ommeren & Saxena, 2005).


Application Process:

  • If you are interested in applying to the Dual MSW/MEdSM Program, you must complete two applications; however, only one application fee will be required.
  • In addition, you may use  the same letters of reference.
  • Please be sure to check each program's application deadline since they do vary.
  • For additional information and specific questions please contact  the program coordinators:
    Dr. Marc Felizzi  (MSW program) or Dr. Rebecca Mowrey (MEdSM program).




For a print out version of the MSW & MEdSM Course Schedule click here .
For a description of classes within the curriculum, please see the Graduate Catalog.






SWK/SOWK 501: Principles & Philosophies of Social Work

SWK/SOWK 505: Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations

SWK/SOWK 511: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

SWK/SOWK 510: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

SWK/SOWK 525: Research Methods

SWK/SOWK 515: Social Welfare Policy

SWK/SOWK 520: Micro/Mezzo Social Work Policy

SWK/SOWK 521: Macro Social Work Practice

SWK/SOWK 530: Field Practicum I

SWK/SOWK 531: Field Practicum II



Year 2 (Dual Degree)





SOWK 610 –Advanced Human Behavior in the Social Environment

WSSD 604 –   Event Management              


WSSD 602- Sport in American Culture


SOWK 601 (Adv. Standing)

Integrative Seminar

WSSD 605- Sport and the Law




WSSD 689

Sport Marketing

WSSD 601: Summer 3


WSSD 603- Moral and Ethical Issues in Sport              



Year 3 (Dual Degree Completion)





WSSD 616 Internship OR

Fall OR Spring of Year 3

SOWK 620- Advanced Micro Practice

SOWK 615- Advanced Social Welfare Policy

SOWK Elective

SOWK 625- Advanced Research

SOWK 621- Advanced Macro Practice

WSSD 622 Sport Finance

Summer 2

SOWK 630- Field Practicum I

SOWK 631- Field Practicum II