MSW-MSEM Dual Degree

MSW-MSEM Dual Degree

Master of Social Work & Master of Science in Emergency Management

This joint program allows students in the MSW and MSEM programs to pursue a joint graduate degree.  Students will need to apply and be admitted to both programs in order to pursue this joint degree. It is not required that the student be admitted to both programs at the same time.

Benefits of the joint program:

  1. Social work offers research informed practice interventions in relation to emergency management and response, specifically in the fields of mental health and trauma
  2. Social work research in emergency management include findings on: traumatic stress, disaster volunteers, vulnerable populations, organizations and interorganizational networks, environmental disasters, cross-cultural and interactional issues in disasters, and improved measurement and theory.
  3. Emerging trends in social work point to this need as a result of the impact of traumatic events such as 9-11 and Katrina.
  4. Minimizing of secondary trauma many individuals experience following a disaster

Application Process

  • If you are interested in applying to the joint MSW/MSEM Program, you must complete two applications; however, only one application fee will be required.
  • In addition, you may use  the same letters of reference.
  • Please be sure to check each program's application deadline since they do vary.
  • For additional information and specific questions please contact  the program coordinators:
    Dr. Sepideh Yalda  (MSEM program/CDRE) or Dr. Karen Rice (MSW program)


For a print out version of the MU-SU MSW & MSEM Course Schedule Click Here.

For Advanced Standing Course Schedule Click Here.

For a description of classes within the curriculum, please see the Graduate Catalog

Year 1 

Summer Fall Spring
SWK/SOWK 501: Principles & Philosophies of Social Work (1st Summer Term only) SWK/SOWK 505: Understanding Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations SWK/SOWK 511: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK/SOWK 510: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I SWK/SOWK 520: Micro/Mezzo Social Work Practice SWK/SOWK 515: Social Welfare Policy
SWK/SOWK 525: Research Methods SWK/SOWK 521: Macro Social Work Practice
SWK/SOWK 530: Field Practicum I SWK/SOWK 531: Field Practicum II


Year 2 

Summer Fall Spring
SWK/SOWK 610: Advanced Micro Practice and Assessment (offered both terms) EMGT 601: Principles & Practices of Emergency Management EMGT 616: Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction & Homeland Security
SOWK Elective (607 or other) SWK/SOWK 625: Advanced Research Methods SWK/SOWK 615: Advanced Social Welfare Policy
SWK/SOWK 601: Integrative Seminar (Advanced Standing Only) EMGT 603: Technical & Professional Writing for Emergency Management EMGT 617: Emergency Management Issues in Communication & Mass Media (offered even years only)
SOWK Elective or EMGT 607: Emergency Mental Health & Trauma

Year 3 (Dual Degree Completion) 

Summer Fall Spring
EMGT 618 Humanitarian Responses to International Disasters EMGT 605: Social Dimensions of Disaster EMGT 619: Emergency Management Planning
EMGT 614: Natural Hazards Primer (also offered in Winter Session) SOWK 620: Advanced  Social Work Practice with Groups & Families SOWK 621: Advanced Macro Social Practice
SOWK Elective SOWK 630: Advanced Field Practicum I SOWK 631: Advanced Field Practicum II