Proposal Approval

Proposal Approval

Paper Proposal Approval Forms are no longer being used. As of May 1, 2014 all approvals will be made using an online system. Links for help using this new system can be found at the bottom of this page.

All proposals to external agencies, whether federal, state or private, must pass through the University’s internal review process before submission. This process is in place to insure that all budget, legal, and infrastructural requirements outlined in the grant can be met by the University. These requirements range from proper budgeting for released time, use of University facilities, space, or IT infrastructure, and human or animal subjects review. If the University cannot meet your grant requirements, the approval process will be delayed until those requirements can be met. If a deadline is looming, this could prevent your submission.

The review process utilizes the OnBase document management system and is completely online. To initiate the proposal approval process you must complete the on-line form and upload supporting documentation. This includes a copy of the proposal narrative and the budget narrative. Importantly,  a separate budget narrative is required. Do not simply upload a second copy of the proposal. Once the form is submitted, OSPRA will determine the appropriate routing (usually chair, dean, controller, IT, Provost and President) and initiate the approval process. The process can take up to a week so budget your time accordingly.

The on-line system will send emails to your address after each approval is completed so that you can monitor the approval process.

Because failure to complete the approval process can result in a failed proposal, it is critical that you communicate with all interested parties before you submit the proposal for approval. When in doubt, contact the OSPRA for assistance or clarification.


Online documentation for using the OnBase proposal approval process can be found HERE.