Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

As the pace of research at Millersville University and at other PASSHE schools accelerates, University faculty will have more opportunities for developing novel products, processes and technologies. Facilitating the transfer of these new technologies to the public sector for potential commercial application will become an important function of the PASSHE system. Transferring novel technologies into commercial products requires the protection of these concepts while allowing for the exploration of the commercial potential of new inventions. This works to safeguard both the investment of the inventor and the interests of the University while making it easier to invest the funds required to commercialize new technology.

To facilitate the process of technology transfer, the PASSHE system has teamed with the Technology Transfer Office at the Pennsylvania State University to provide system researchers with a full suite of technology transfer services. The services are offered to assist University personnel in the commercialization of their products; take inventions and creations resulting from the efforts of University personnel available to industry and the public on an effective and nondiscriminatory basis; obtain revenue for University personnel, who invent and create; and for the use of PASSHE Universities in furthering their educational and research goals.

The documents linked below outline the scope of the faculty, staff and student technology transfer services now offered by PASSHE. If you have any questions about technology transfer, please call Rene Munoz, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration at extension 4457 or by email

Additional information regarding technology transfer provided by PASSHE can be found here.

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