Time And Effort Reporting

Documenting Time and Effort

MU has adopted an after-the-fact reporting system to document time and effort. The reports reflect the percentage of time each employee spent on all grants and contracts compared to their total time and effort. While effort reporting is not based on a 40 hour work week, the number of hours implicit in an individual’s 100 percent effort must be reasonable and supportable to the department, school, university and external reviewers. Effort is expressed in percentages on the Time and Effort Report and must total 100 percent. These mandatory reports are subject to federal auditing.  

Please keep in mind that whether or not you support the concept of effort reporting, it is a federal requirement and a current focus of federal auditing. Non-compliance has resulted in multi-million dollar fines at major research institutions.

For your information, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to address common questions and concerns about Millersville University Time and Effort Reporting requirements.

Please download the Time and Effort Report Form for a full description of the requirements.

For additional information regarding time and effort reporting, please consult the following presentation: Understanding Time and Effort Reporting.