Faculty And Staff

Faculty and Staff

Millersville faculty and staff are continuously working to create sustainability-related learning opportunities on campus while making an impact beyond the campus gates.  Faculty across Millersville’s departments, from Biology to Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology; from Geography to Wellness & Sport Sciences are incorporating sustainable concepts into coursework and looking beyond the classroom for activities that create a more sustainable community.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to look for opportunities to incorporate sustainable principles into their coursework and work activities. Faculty and staff are invited to join the Sustainability Committee and to explore the possibility of forming sub-committees that advance particular aspects of sustainability on campus.

Millersville’s Office of Sustainability serves as a resource to faculty and staff that are interested in advancing campus sustainability. Faculty and staff that wish to incorporate sustainability into their coursework, campus events, and University activities, or to implement specific sustainability projects are invited to contact the Office of Sustainability for support.

Be a Change Maker

Sustainability has taken root at Millersville University. Continued growth requires change makers. Change makers know that words and actions have exponential potential when shared with friends. They investigate ways to do things better, share their knowledge and organize friends to create change. The infographics below provide tips you can learn and share to have a greater impact in the areas of energy, water, waste, and carbon.

Energy Water Waste Carbon
EnergyChangeMaker WaterChangeMaker WasteChangeMaker CarbonChangeMaker