University Theatre

Spring 2021

Title far reaches printed on colorful label tape







The Far Reaches: A Night of comedy and drama

Crossing the Amur by Rachel Carnes 

3 Soldiers by Amir Razavi 

Murder by Midnight by Jeff Goode 

What the Mind Forgets A Play by Jordan Elizabeth Henry 


Directed by Jonathan Bolds and Tara Petrosky 

Supervising Director Jonathan Strayer


A forest of trillium. A hotel detective.  An empty road.  A sock monkey. A problem.  A choice.  A murder. A violation.  University Theatre delves into the far reaches of the human mind with three 10-minute comedies and a thirty-minute drama. In these four student-directed plays, the audience will meet characters navigating isolation, combat, investigation, and shifting realities as they uncover truths about themselves.    


Crossing the Amur by Rachel Carnes finds two roommates grappling with their imaginations.  3 Soldiers by Amir Razavi confronts the absurdities of war.  In Murder by Midnight by Jeff Goode, a detective has only 10 minutes to solve a brutal murder or risk losing the case to the day shift.  Finally, What the Mind Forgets by Jordan Elizabeth Henry blurs the lines between memory and reality as a young woman tries to reprocess a childhood trauma while staying grounded in the present. 


Three Live Streaming performances:

March 19 & 20 at 7p; March 21 at 2p

Encore On-Demand performance:

March 26 - 28