COVID-19 and Title IX FAQs

  • How can I report matters of concern?

    Any individual may make a report concerning sexual misconduct. Individuals are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct as soon as possible in order for the University to respond promptly and effectively. Individuals can report concerns to the University’s Title IX Coordinator, Elizabeth Swantek via phone or email at  Individuals also have the option to file a report electronically and/or anonymously on the University’s website. Additionally, individuals have the right to be assisted by the University in notifying law enforcement authorities. Additional resources available to students are located on our website. 

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  • What will happen with Title IX matters that are currently under investigation?

    Title IX investigators will continue conducting investigations. However, for the immediate future, investigators may conduct interviews in person but will continue investigating using available technology, including conducting interviews telephonicallyand or video conferencing. The University remains committed to the prompt resolution of complaints. However, the timeline of the investigation may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students will be notified of any delays with written notice. Please remember to regularly check your email. 

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  • What will happen with Title IX hearings that are currently scheduled?

    The University may be conducting in-person conduct hearings. Hearings will be conducted using available technologysuch as video conferencing. The University will coordinate with students to schedule hearings and provide instructions on how to use available technology. Decisions regarding the scheduling of hearings will consider the availability of participants, the ability to conduct online hearings, the ability to ensure due process for all parties, and the ability to provide sufficient privacy protections. If the party is not in the same location as his or her advisor, breaks will be scheduled to allow the party to consult with his or her advisor. 

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