University College Mission Statement

As the University College team, we embrace MU’s EPPIIC values to provide services, resources, and experiences that:

  • Recognize the whole person and their individuality.
  • Empower self-efficacy, resiliency, and student agency to advance life outcomes and support inclusion in our community of learners.
  • Offer high impact experiences and access to high quality resources to engage students in the discovery of knowledge.
  • Support students through their academic, personal, and professional journeys.
  • Provide quality academic and individualized educational planning.
  • Deliver best practice guidance in career exploration and counseling.
  • Meet the holistic needs of individual students.
  • Foster a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment where all views, backgrounds, abilities, and identities are respected.
  • Promote participatory citizenship, leadership, community involvement, and service.
  • Expand critical thinking skills to meet the demands of our twenty-first century world.