About Millersville

The Millersville University Promise

Millersville University provides an educational opportunity second to none.

Millersville University is the best choice for people of Pennsylvania and beyond who are motivated to apply their native intelligence and a world-class education to the challenging and important work of guiding themselves, their families and their communities through times of changing opportunity. The men and women of the Millersville University faculty are scholars highly respected in their fields; approachable teachers and active mentors who engage their students in the classroom, the office, the research lab, and in the life of the campus. The faculty is thoroughly supported in its work by the men and women of the Millersville University staff and leadership team -- caring people of competence and integrity who share with their faculty partners a determination that Millersville graduates shall be as prepared to lead robust intellectual, professional and civic lives as the graduates of any of the nation's best known institutions.

Great Reputation

Biemsderfer Center

Millersville University has a great reputation. Founded as a beacon of academic opportunity over 150 years ago, today’s Millersville University is one of the most highly regarded public universities in its region of the United States. We are home to a faculty of dedicated educators considered among the very best in their disciplines. Millersville University is distinguished by intelligent, hard-working students who embrace the life of the Lancaster area and contribute substantially to its betterment. Our graduates are much sought after by employers, and many earn their way into the most rigorous programs offered by the finest graduate schools. Each Millersville University class sends well-prepared professionals and caring citizens into the communities of the Commonwealth, where they make substantive contributions to the future, establishing in each generation the value of their alma mater.

As an academic institution, Millersville University has earned its place among U.S.News & World Report's top 25 public universities in the North and is recognized for its academic excellence in Martin Nemko's book How to Get an Ivy League Education at a State University.

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Deep Academic Resources

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With a student population of 7,084 undergraduate and 904 graduate students, Millersville University offers all the advantages you would expect from a university: competitive programs, great facilities, a diverse student community and a variety of campus programming all offered in an accessible, intimate and close-knit atmosphere more frequently found at a smaller college. The average class size is 29 students and the student faculty ratio is an impressive 21:1.

While Millersville University began in 1855 as a teacher's college; it now offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate majors in the areas of science and mathematics, education and humanities and social sciences. Undergraduate students may take their education one step further by applying to the Honors College, a program that challenges them to raise their academic and professional sights beyond their expectations.

The Graduate Studies program offers more than 50 master's degrees and professional certifications in the arts, sciences, education and professional disciplines. New programs have been developed, such as the Master's in Social Work (MSW) and the Master of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM). Graduate programs are designed for adult learners and so feature evening courses, on- and off-campus locations, and technology-enhanced delivery.

Overall, Millersville University has a reputation for graduating students who are well trained and ready to offer valuable and competent skills to potential employers. In fact, a recent survey of Millersville University graduates indicated that 75 percent were hired within three months of their graduation and 97 percent were currently employed.

Awakening the Intellect

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Millersville University awakens the intellect. Our faculty and staff recognize that every student arrives with energy, intelligence and promise. With access to world-class educational resources, a solid liberal arts foundation, and a closely collaborative learning environment, our students are taught, mentored and inspired by professors who pay attention to the context of their students' lives beyond the classroom. Millersville University professors work with their students' individual talents and skills, encouraging in each a passion to know more, and a hunger to achieve.

The educational community of Millersville University endeavors to awaken a sense of limitless possibility in its students, creating the conditions in which students can become conscious of their own intellectual capacity to explore these possibilities, and of their own motivation to do so. This is Millersville's commitment to the education of the public it serves.

Supportive/Enriching Community

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Millersville University is a supportive and enriching community. From opening day in 1855, we have demanded the best from our students. At the same time, our faculty, staff and administrators have always found a way to give each and every student a helping hand or the extra push they need to excel. In addition to academic opportunities, Millersville provides a broad-based support system to nourish body and spirit. Our experiential learning programs, athletic teams, and diverse clubs and organizations help our community, as well as our students, to strengthen and flourish. We are all enriched because the people who are Millersville – staff, faculty, students, parents, and alumni – believe that a good life begins with learning, that hard work leads to great things, and that caring leads to a better world.

Located on 250 acres in the heart of historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Millersville University enjoys a tranquil campus featuring a pleasing mix of historic buildings and modern structures. Its central local affords easy access to the culture and fun of major East Coast cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia (one hour away), and Washington, D.C., and New York City, only two-three hours from campus.