TerraCycle Brigades

TerraCycle Brigades

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(called brigades).

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Cheese Packaging Brigade

Cheese Packaging Accepted Waste

Snack Bag Brigade

Snack Bag Brigade Accepted Waste

Oral Care Brigade

Colgate Oral Care Accepted Waste

Personal Care and Beauty Brigade

Personal Care & Beauty Brigade Accepted Waste

Rigid #6 Plastic Cup Brigade

Solo Cup Brigade Accepted Waste

Cereal Bag Brigade

MOM Brands Cereal Bag Brigade Accepted Waste

Paired Shoe Brigade

Paired Shoe Accepted Waste

Tape Brigade

Scotch Tape Brigade Accepted Waste

Dairy Tub Brigade

Dairy Tub Accepted Waste

Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade

Energy Bar Wrapper Accepted Waste

Lunch Kit Brigade

Lunch Kit Brigade Accepted Waste

Tortilla and Tostada Bag Brigade

Tortilla Picture

Diaper Packaging Brigade

Diaper Packaging Accepted Waste

Inkjet and Toner Cartridge Brigade


List of Acceptable Toner Cartridges

Cell Phone Brigade

Cell Phone Accepted Waste

Miscellaneous E-Waste Brigade

Miscellaneous E-Waste Accepted Waste

Laptop, Tablet, and E-Reader Brigade

Laptop, Tablet, & E-Reader Accepted Waste

Drink Pouch Brigade

Drink Pouch Accepted Waste

Hummus Container Brigade

Hummus Container Brigade Accepted Waste

Brita Brigade

Brita Brigade Accepted Waste

Baby Food Pouch Brigade

Baby Food Pouch Accepted Waste

Entenmann's Little Bites Pouch Brigade

Entenmann's Little Bites Pouch Brigade Accepted Waste

Dropps Laundry Pouches Brigade


Hot Cereal Brigade

Hot Cereal Brigade Accepted Waste

Bear Naked Brigade

Bear Naked Accepted Waste