About the Public Impact Center

About the Center

The Public Impact Center fosters collaborations and approaches across disciplines and sectors (e.g., education, business, social service and government agencies, faith communities, and grass root organizations) and leverages the expertise of engaged faculty and distinguished visitors to help empower regional, national and international communities to solve problems identified by them or in collaboration with them. Attempting to find synergies to build upon the public impact activities of existing university centers, the foci of CCERP's public impact activities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • The educational achievement gap, including the lags in mathematics, science and technology among American students generally as well as disparities due to unequal educational opportunities
  • The diminution of economic security for the average worker, including the impact of workforce globalization
  • Urban revitalization
  • The energy problem
  • Threats to or the loss of natural resources vital to the economic well being of communities
  • Basic health and nutrition imperatives, especially for children
  • The effects of the intolerance of cultural differences.
  • Public Service
  • International Service and Relief Work
  • Service Learning Courses
  • Conferences and speakers
  • Funding Opportunities-individual faculty members, visitors, students and student organizations will have access to a variety of CCERP grants to subsidize the above activities