Project Green Challenge

Project Green Challenge

A message from Stephanie Bradley (Social Work '16) Campus Rep for Project Green Challenge:

Attention all Millersville University students!

Have you ever really considered how the things you use (personal care items, food/beverage containers, etc.) make an impact on our environment? Most people haven't, but no worries you can change that. Teens Turning Green (TTG) have created an interactive way to get our society to think more eco-friendly, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

Here's what you do:

  1. Sign up for Project Green Challenge.
  2. Participate in the daily challenges
  3. Share your pictures/videos/text to TTG's website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest.
  4. Become more eco-friendly in just 30 days!

What is Project Green Challenge?

During the month of October, Teens Turning Green post daily challenges on the Project Green Challenge website. These challenges include anything from body, food, paper, fair trade, etc. These challenges are meant to get participants thinking more eco-friendly and realize the impact of what they use, consume, and do have on the environment.

It is Teens Turning Green's main mission to turn your lifestyle from being conventional to conscious in as little as 30 days.

What to Expect

Every day for the month of October there will be a brand new challenge. Each challenge is emailed directly to you at 7 a.m. (EST) or you can check the challenges out on the Project Green Challenge website. In a detailed email, you will read that there are multiple ways to go about completing each objective: sharing your uploads of picture, videos, or text to either the Project Green Challenge website, or TTG's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest board. With each daily challenge, you are awarded points based on the level completed; these levels include Green (10 points), Greener (20 points), Greenest (30 points), and Extra Credit (50 points). You can choose how many levels you wish to complete, you can do all of them or only one, it is all your choice. However, the Campus Rep from top 12 schools will be sent to the final challenge, Green University, in San Francisco, CA.

Are YOU up for the challenge?

Green University

The final challenge has been named Green University. Here Capmus Reps from all across the world are sent to work amongst others in creating new platforms to increase social action, share their experiences from the 30 day challenge, and interact with well-known eco leaders. Campus Reps work alongside with the students and a mentor in creating a project that can be implemented by TTG. A panel of judges will declare the Project Green Challenge Champion and award them with a Grand Prize and an opportunity to work with other TTG challengers and their affiliated partners in the upcoming year.

Campus Rep

A Campus Rep is the person accepting their own challenge (while doing the daily challenges as well) of getting students across the campus to engage in PGC. It is their duty to make students more enthusiastic about participating and help out as best as they can!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Millersville University's Campus Rep Stephanie Bradley by email ( She is more than willing to clear up any confusions or concerns about Project Green Challenge you may have.

Just remember this,