Distinguished Civic Leadership Awards Nomination Form

Distinguished Civic Leadership Awards Nomination Form

The Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project (CCERP) is soliciting nominations for annual awards to be made at its Civic Engagement Recognition Banquet in April 2014.  The purpose of these awards is to publicly recognize notable civic/community contributions on the part of individuals and entities that have had a positive impact locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.   Nominees may fall into one of the following eligible categories:

  • an MU faculty or staff member
  • an MU student
  • an MU alum
  • an MU Club or non-profit organization

We respectfully request that you make a nomination or nominations by providing the information requested below. 

The award recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Nominee falls into an eligible category.
  2. Nominee has made a significant contribution(s) to the local, regional, national or international community.
  3. Nominee's leadership or actions have benefited others or the community.
  4. Nominee's leadership inspires or empowers others to become civically involved.

Responses are due by March 10th, 2014.