Research Reports

Research Reports

Millersville University's Civic and Community Engagement centers periodically produce research reports for various stakeholders and organizations. Research may be used but should reference Millersville University Civic and Community Engagement and notify us of use. Please contact us for further information.

Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change Research

The Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change brings together teams of faculty, students, and members of the community to engage collaboratively in research for public purposes. The Center lends assistance and expertise in identifying research issues, developing & implementng research designs, and working with policymakers and practitioners to resolve issues affecting local, regional, and global communities.

Family Services Advocate Program Evaluation
Smith, C.L. (2017)
Conducted for Ambassadors for Hope for the years of 2015-2016

Evaluating an Offender-Victim Reconciliation Program
Smith, C.L. & Ombasic, A. (2017)

Southwest Lancaster Resident Survey Analysis 

Glazier, M.H., Mann, A., Rennecker, T., & Smith, C.L. (2016)
Conducted for the Southwest Lancaster Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy in 2016

Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 
Glazier, M.H., Smith, C.L. & Wile, D.E. (2015)
Conducted for the Lancaster Safety Coalition in 2015

Panhandling Survey: Pre and Post-test Comparison Report

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Glazier, M.H. & Wile, D.E. (2014).
Conducted for the Lancaster City Alliance and the Lancaster Downtown Investment District in Summer, 2014

SWAN Program Evlauation

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Yorks, J. & Mahaffy, K. (2013)
Evaluating the SWAN (Scaling Walls A Note at a time) Program: How Do their Music Lessons Impact the Children of Incarcerated Parents? 

Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) Research Projects

Pretests and analysis conducted for LHOP's Neighborhood Improvement Program in targeted areas of Lancaster City and Columbia, PA.

West Strawberry Street, Lancaster, PA Phase One Pretest Report
Glazier, M.H. & Yorks, J. (2013)

West Strawberry Street, Lancaster, PA Phase Two Pretest Report
Glazier, M.H., Wile, D.E., Mahrer, C., & Yorks, J. (2014)

North Third Street, Columbia, PA Pretest Report
Glazier, M.H., Wile, D.E., Shoff, B.P., & Mahrer, C. (2014)

North Third Street, Columbia, PA Comparison of Renters to Home Owners of Pretest
Glazier, M.H., Wile, D.E., & Shoff, B.P. (2014)

Polling and Research Office

The Polling and Research Office offers start-to-finish services to assist clients with all aspects of the survey research proces including project design, data collection, analysis and reporting. If you would like to hire the Polling and Research Office, please contact Dr. Adam Lawrence

Download the Quality of Life ReportQuality of Life Report, 2012 
Lawrence, A.B. (2012)  Perceptions of Quality of LIfe in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Click here for Survey of Student EngagementSurvey of Student Engagement, 2011 
Lawrence, A.B. (2011) Survey of Student Engagement at Millersville University

Download the Quality of Life ReportQuality of Life Report, 2010
Lawrence, A.B. & Farkas, K.R.H. (2010) Perceptions of Quality of Life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Click here for reportPerceptions of Climate Change in Lancaster County, 2010 
Sherman, S.E. & Lawrence, A.B. (2010) Perceptions of Environment in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Problems and Solutions