Graduate Course and Curriculum Proposals


Graduate Course Proposals or Changes

Please complete the following forms to request a new graduate course or make changes to an existing course or curriculum.  

The course Resource Discussion Guide is intended to begin a conversation of resources between the department and the dean. You may need to work with the department chair or others to complete this.  The information provided guides preparation of the Decanal Resource Analysis by the school dean. This analysis is not part of the curricular review by faculty. Deans are asked to provide their analysis electronically to the Associate Provost.  Providing the Resource Guide to the Dean early in the process prevents delays later on.  

Distance Learning (DL) Requests

The DL application form (see link below) provides headings and space to address the required elements of the DL application (WORD version only).  In completing this form, you may wish to consult the policy, which provides more detail about the criteria.  If it is a new course application, attach the response to the application.  If it is a DL application for an existing course, please forward the application to the chair of GCPRC following departmental approval.