Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Proposals


The instructions and forms on this page apply if you are proposing the following:

  • New Undergraduate Course (New Course Proposal)
  • Change to an Undergraduate Course (Course Change Proposal)
  • Change in requirements for an existing curriculum (Academic Proposal).  If the  curricular change is the direct result of a course proposal (e.g., the new course is to be included in the curriculum), the Academic Proposal should be attached to the course proposal as a single document for simultaneous consideration and action.
  • Distance Learning (DL) designation for a new or existing course.  For a new course, the completed DL form should be attached to the course proposal.

If you are seeking to create a new credential (e.g., minor, certificate, or major), see the Quick Link at left for New Academic Program.  



  • Complete the appropriate form (new or change) for consideration by your department.  If the course proposal (new or change) will result in one or more curricular changes, you are encouraged to complete the Academic Proposal (see below) and attach this to the back of the course proposal.  
  • If you are requesting a General Education label for your course, use the link below to download and complete the appropriate forms, which you can then attach to the course proposal.
  • If you are requesting a Distance Learning (DL) designation for your course, use the link below to download and complete the appropriate form, which you can then attach to the course proposal.
  • If appropriate, contact colleagues in other departments to discuss potential content overlap or implications for other majors.  Include results in your proposal.
  • Complete the Course Resource Discussion guide and share with your dean.  The course Resource Discussion Guide is intended to begin a conversation of resources between the department and the dean. You may need to work with the department chair or others to complete this.  The information provided guides preparation of the Decanal Resource Analysis by the school dean. This analysis is not part of the curricular review by faculty. Deans are asked to provide their analysis electronically to the Associate Provost.  Providing the Resource Guide to the Dean early in the process prevents delays later on.  
  • Following departmental approval, email your completed document as a PDF file to the chair of your college/division curriculum committee and to your Dean (to prepare the decanal analysis).  
  • Deliver the signed original proposal to the chair of the college/division curriculum committee.  Once the signed original is received, the college/division committee chair will email your proposal to the Associate Provost who will distribute it through the Friday announcement.  
  • If you have not already done so, e-mail the completed Course Resource Discussion Guide to your Dean.  
  • Inform your departmental Senator of your submission (include a brief description) so that she/he may announce this at the next Faculty Senate meeting.
  • Check the status of your proposal using the link at left (Reviewing Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Proposals).



The following forms (look for updates soon) are used to submit proposed curricular changes.  If the proposal is not directly related to a new course (or change), the proposal stands alone and follows the same review process as a new course.  Although there is no formal Resource Guide for Academic Proposals, the proposal must be forwarded to the Dean who will provide a Decanal Analysis to the Associate Provost.  The Dean may contact the department to clarify potential resource issues.  Note that with the new expedited process there is no longer a distinction between major and minor changes for the purposes of faculty review.  


The DL application form (see link below) provides headings and space to address the required elements of the DL application (WORD version only).  In completing this form, you may wish to consult the policy, which provides more detail about the criteria.  If you are applying as part of a new course application, attach the response to the application.  If you are requesting a DL designation for an existing course, please forward the application to the chair of UCPRC following departmental approval.