MU Closed Wednesday

With the forecast of “a wintry mix changing to snow,” Millersville University has decided to close the campus for Wednesday, November 26.  It is important to note that ALL classes will be held, as scheduled, the remainder of today and tonight.  Only essential personnel are to report on Wednesday. 

 Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

 Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations

Experiment of the Month

A Short, Driven, Foucault Pendulum

time of day

The rotation of the plane of oscillation throughout one day in August, 2000. The photos are taken with the pendulum near it maximum displacement. A graph of position on the "clock face" background for the figures, versus actual time of measurement is shown below. If the pendulum worked simply the graph would be a straight line with slope 1. The pendulum tends to slow its rotation as it passes through directions that are (mildly) preferred.


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