Faculty Research Interests

Dr. John Dooley

DR. JOHN W. DOOLEY Before coming to Millersville, Dr. Dooley was an undergraduate student at an urban university in Detroit, a post-doctoral fellow at a university in upstate New York, and an assistant professor at an urban university in Brooklyn.

His training is in ultrasonic investigation of electronic properties of matter, at cryogenic temperatures. His teaching is primarily in the freshman and sophomore year physics major classes. His interest is currently in the development of experiments to demonstrate aspects of physics that people are ordinarily required to take on faith.

The experiments show that Newton’s third law is a precursor to Newton’s second law, that light energy is quantized, that sound energy in a solid is quantized, that both sound and light are waves, that light travels slower in water than in a vacuum, and that the clocks on high speed objects "run slow."

He has measured the distance to the moon with a meter stick and carpenter’s square, and has a student attempting to determine if a purported demonstration of photon radiation pressure does what it claims to do. His current ambition is to build a tabletop experiment to show that the earth rotates.