Polling & Research Office

Polling & Research Office

March 2010: Quality of Life Report

Survey may be used but should reference Millersville’s Polling & Research Office.


The goals of the Polling & Research Office are as follows:

  • to support faculty and student empirical research
  • to conduct research projects tied to Civic & Community Engagement and Research Project priorities
  • to conduct fee-for-service projects for clients
  • to collect data for clients


The Office offers start to finish services to assist clients with all aspects of the survey research process:

Project Design

  • work with clients in selecting an appropriate research methodology and sampling strategy to meet study objectives
  • develop survey instrument(s) and consult on question wording, format, ordering, and scaling

Data Collection

  • conduct Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, software for collecting survey data based on structured questionnaires, using telephone or face-to-face interviewing, web surveys, or self-administered procedures

Analysis and Reporting

  • prepare statistical analyses and reports of survey results in a variety of formats: descriptive statistics, tables, weighted or un-weighted results, multivariate analysis, and other statistical techniques; and methodology reports, narrative reports, executive summaries/press materials, qualitative or content analysis, and raw data


The Polling & Research Office is a member of the Association for Computer Assisted Surveys, a consortium of survey-related organizations.

For more information, please send an email to the Center for Public Scholarship.