Center for Sustainability Education

Launching the Sustainability Education and Research Project

Millersville University is excited to announce the launching of the center for Sustainability Education,SERP Logo a new branch of the Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project (CCERP). The center heralds a new era of transformation on the MU campus. The Center  will be directed by Dr. Nadine Garner, Associate Professor of Psychology.

The mission of the The Center for Sustainability is to

  • Educate the MU community about the three pillars of sustainability (environmental protection, economic justice, and social equality);
  • Provide opportunities for MU to directly participate in sustainability initiatives on and off campus;
  • Encourage student and faculty-led research and service on sustainability.

                                                                       Current Projects Include:

  • training all of the residence halls to participate in the TerraCycle program (with proceeds going to Smile Train); 
  • Creating a 'Ville-age Organic Garden to the rear of Huntingdon House on campus, 
  • creating urban garden projects with children in the city of Lancaster;

Terracycle Logo

  • co-sponsoring a campus wide talk by Jim Niquette, CEO and Founder of W.A.T.E.R. (Waterfor Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness). 
  • Upcoming projects include a campus No Impact Week; installing a native plant meadow at MU; and forming a Think Tank for the Millersville community to come together and dialogue about sustainability.

What exactly is ‘sustainability’?

The United Nations describes sustainability as "development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Sustainable development is a convergence between the three pillars of economic justice, social equity, and environmental protection, also known as the Triple Bottom Line.

A common misconception is that sustainability relates only to environmental issues; we are hoping that conference attendees will see that all fields of study – from psychology to business – play a significant role in sustainability's 3 pillars. The conference sessions feature local, national and internationally acclaimed speakers from all aspects of sustainability, while the Business Expo provides an opportunity for the campus community to converse directly with dozens of sustainable businesses that seek to solve – rather than cause – social, environmental, and economic problems.