Policy Research Shop

Policy Research Shop

Millersville University's Policy Research Shop (PRS) is a Walker Center for Civic Responsibility & Leadership initiative designed to provide students with real life experience in public policy research. Students will be trained and given the opportunity to produce quality, objective research on critical policy issues of interest for policymakers in local and regional areas.

Quality Researchers & Resources

The PRS Researchers are Millersville students. Researchers work under the guidance of Millersville Faculty Mentors and the PRS Director.
The PRS has access to policy experts, Millersville professors, quality researchers, and the Office of Polling & Research.

Interested Students

PRS Researcher benefits include:

  • Training for and real life experience in public policy research

  • Research in a distinct field of study

  • Influencing policymakers’ decisions

  • Making influential contacts that could lead to internships or employment

  • Personal growth

  • Résumé building

  • Work towards an honors thesis


  • Good academic standing.

  • Completed (or be enrolled in this fall) at least one of the following three courses:

    1. Research Methods: BUAD 306, SOCY 305, GOVT 301, PSYC 211, or other similar research methods course

    2. -or-

    3. Statistics: MATH 235, ECON 231, or other similar statistics course

    4. -or-

    5. Intro to Public Policy (GOVT 205 or other similar public policy course).


Are you a person with the power to influence or determine policies and practices of public impact on a regional or local level?

The PRS provides valuable, non-partisan research on critical issues affecting our local communities. Our goal is to collaborate with you to define a research project that will assist you in being a well-informed decision maker. Our refined research findings will result in a succinct, high-quality research product that will prove a useful tool in your decision making process and to share with others.

Do you value community service?

The benefits of your involvement in the PRS extend into your community. Your involvement provides opportunities that encourage students to become active leaders in civic affairs.

For more information, please stop by Huntingdon House or send an email to the Walker Center.