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Student Affairs


Welcome from the Interim VP

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at Millersville University

I am pleased to share this website with you, which describes the services and programs provided to Millersville University students through the Division of Student Affairs. Learn more.Click for more information

Some of the ways in which our Division’s staff assist students include helping you find the financial resources to meet the cost of attending college and assisting you in getting oriented to the university community. We offer health care and counseling as well as assistance in career planning. We provide student housing and work to ensure the safety and security of the campus.

Opportunities to be a part of the life of the university and develop leadership skills are available through participation in a wide array of student organizations and activities. For students wanting the chance to compete athletically, we offer both intercollegiate and intramural teams. Through all of the services and programs, we strive to assist students in a courteous and efficient manner and provide learning experiences that are woven into your undergraduate education at the University.

Regardless of your need or interest, the Division of Student Affairs offers many ways to assist you and provide opportunities for learning and personal growth. I urge you to take full advantage of them.

Michelle Perez
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs


Our Mission

Ever wonder what we do?

Or why we do it? Learn more.Click for more information

The Division of Student Affairs contributes to fulfilling the educational mission of Millersville University and the State System of Higher Education by employing a holistic approach to student learning and development. The Student Affairs staff work collaboratively with faculty and staff to provide a diverse student body with programs, services and activities designed to contribute to learning and the development of students' personal, social and leadership skills. The Division strives to build a campus atmosphere in which all students can become involved in the University community, make informed choices, engage in critical thinking and understand and appreciate diversity. Through the Student Affairs programs, students are challenged to assume responsibility for their behavior while striving to make positive contributions to the campus community of which they are a part.