Mission Statement & By-Laws

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Millersville University Commission on the Status of Women is to foster a university climate that promotes full and equal opportunity for women to study, work, and live in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. The Commission actively supports university policies, practices, and programs that address issues and concerns pertaining to campus women.


    1. To monitor the working, learning, and social environment for all women (faculty, administrators, staff, and students) and to recommend appropriate action.
    2. To recommend appropriate action for ensuring gender equity in hiring, promotion, tenure, salary, and professional development of faculty, administrators, and staff.
    3. To recommend appropriate action for ensuring gender equity in sports and other areas where needed.
    4. To review University policies to determine their impact on majority and minority women.
    5. To advise the President of the University on all matters pertaining to women's issues.
    6. To act as a liaison and serve as advocate among administrative officers, students, faculty, and staff with respect to matters pertaining to women's issues.
    1. On or before April 1 of each year, the Commission shall submit recommendations to the University President for appointment to the Commission. Replacement for membership may be recommended by the Commission from the various committee members.
    2. Appointment to the Commission is at the sole discretion of the University President.
    3. Membership shall consist of a minimum of sixteen (16) voting members including the Commission Chairperson with representation from among administrators, faculty, support staff, and students from the university and members from the surrounding community. A majority of the Commission shall consist of women.
    4. Commission membership shall insure representation from the various areas of the university (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Administration, University Advancement).
    5. Minimum representation from the following divisions of the university should be as follows:
      1. Administration - 2
      2. Faculty - 6
      3. Students - 3
      4. Support Staff - 2
    6. There shall be two categories of membership - one appointed by virtue of title or position, and one appointed to terms. The members appointed by virtue of title/position are the Assistant to the President for Social Equity, the Coordinator of the Women's Center, the Director of the Women's Studies Program, and the Director of Equal Opportunity in Sports.
    7. The Chair of the Commission on Cultural Diversity shall appoint a representative from the Commission on Cultural Diversity to serve on the Women's Commission.
    8. Immediate past chairs shall serve for one year following the expiration of their terms. Past chairs may, at the discretion of the University President, be invited to serve additional one-year terms on the Commission following the expiration of their terms.
    9. Terms of Membership
      1. Members shall be appointed by the President to serve overlapping terms of three years, except for students, who will serve one?year renewable terms. No member shall serve more than six years in succession. Student members are eligible for term renewal as long as they maintain their active enrollment status.
      2. Members from the community shall be appointed to serve one?year renewable terms.
      3. The anniversary date of terms shall be June 1.
      4. Should a member resign prior to the expiration of his/her term, the Commission shall submit a list of recommendations from which the President shall select a replacement to complete the remainder of the term of that member.
      5. In the event of chronic absenteeism (attendance at fewer than three regularly scheduled meetings in one year), the Commission Chairperson shall consult with the member to determine whether or not a permanent replacement shall be named. If a replacement is to be named, the Commission shall submit recommendations to the University President for appointment.
    1. A Chairperson shall be appointed by the University President from among current and previous women members for a one-year renewable term. No chair shall serve more than three years in succession. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Commission and serve as chief spokesperson.
    2. A Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the University President. The Vice?Chair shall preside at all Commission meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.
    1. The Commission shall consist of the following standing committees with indicated duties and responsibilities:
      1. Allocation: Evaluate requests for funding submitted to the Commission by other campus groups and make recommendations to the Commission. Requests must be tied to the University theme and/or women's issues in order to be considered.
      2. Child Care: Examine the feasibility of low?cost day care for University employees and students.
      3. Students: Assist the Commission in examining the climate for students at Millersville, assess specific needs, and make recommendations to the Commission.
      4. Support Staff: Assist the Commission in examining the climate for women at Millersville University as it pertains specifically to our clerical professional staff. The members' participation will be essential in efforts to identify professional development and advancement issues, assess specific needs, and make recommendations to enhance the current status of this group.
      5. Women's History Celebration: Coordinate the University's efforts to promote and recognize the contributions of women, with a special focus on activities during March, Women's History Month.
      6. Women's Issues Endowment: The Endowment was established to support the conduct or dissemination of research or the organization of programs that focus on issues of concern to women. The committee is to annually issue call for proposals; evaluate proposals based upon criteria which encourages integration of the curriculum, research on women and ongoing efforts to insure a climate of equality at Millersville University; and recommend award recipients for Endowment funds to the Commission.
    2. The Commission shall appoint such other committees as it deems appropriate. The chairperson may appoint ad hoc task groups as needed.
    1. Committee Reports
      1. Each committee shall submit an annual report of its activity by June 30. The Chairperson shall submit an annual report incorporating all committee reports to the President by August 30.
    2. Commission Meetings
      1. Regular meetings shall normally be held eight times per year (four meetings each during the Fall and Spring semesters). Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or at the request of the President or three or more members of the Commission. The Chairperson shall be responsible for assuring that all Commission members are notified of special meetings.
      2. A majority of current members shall constitute a quorum.
    3. Voting Procedure
      1. Motions
        1. A simple majority of those attending, providing a quorum is present, shall be needed to pass a motion.
        2. The usual method of voting on motions shall be viva voce.
        3. After a voice, any member may call for division; this call shall require that the vote be registered by a show of hands and that the count be recorded.
        4. Voting by other methods:
          1. Roll Call: shall require a motion, second, and a majority vote.
          2. Ballot: shall require a motion, second, and a majority vote.
        5. Any member may request his/her vote in any vote or division.
      2. Applicability of Robert's Rules of Order
        1. The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the Commission in which they are not incompatible with these rules of procedure.
        2. These rules may be suspended by a majority vote of the Commission at any session, provided that the safeguards or rights as explained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, under the heading "suspension of the rules" shall always be adhered to.
      3. Amendment of the Bylaws
        1. The bylaws shall be amended by a majority vote of the members and approval of the University President.