Writing Studies Option

Writing Studies Option

The Option in Writing Studies enables English B.A. or B.S.Ed. majors to pursue concentrated study in the discipline of writing, specializing in sub-fields such as the history of rhetoric and composition, literacy, theories of writing pedagogy, and writing and multi-media.  
Students in the Writing Studies option will take the following:
Core:  All candidates must take the following core course:

  • ENGL 272:  Introduction to Writing Studies

Electives:  Candidates will select two of the following elective courses—at least one must be from the English Department and at least one must be at the 400 level:

  • ENGL 280:  Rhetoric of the Color Line
  • ENGL 312:  Technical Writing
  • ENGL 313:  Fundamentals of Journalism
  • ENGL 316:  Business Writing
  • ENGL 340:  Visual Rhetoric
  • ENGL 342:  Reading and Writing for Civic Change
  • ENGL 466:  Special Topics in Writing Studies Seminar
  • ENGL 471:  Creative Writing
  • ENGL 472:  Writing Workshop
  • COMM 342 Theories of Rhetoric
  • COMM 403 Persuasion
  • COMM 430 Culture and the Semiotics of Communication

Capstone: Candidates will select one of the following capstone courses:

  • ENGL 400:  Cooperative Education
  • ENGL 491:  Thesis (3-credit)