Colloquium Series

General Information

The purpose of the Biology Colloquium is to bring outstanding scientists to campus to talk and interact with our students. We strongly believe that these colloquia provide wonderful opportunities and expect that all students who are serious about biology will attend.

Colloquia are usually held in Caputo-210 at 4:00 p.m on Wednesdays. Topics and speakers are announced and posted at least a week before they are scheduled. For further information, please contact Dr. Carol Ely Hepfer at (717) 871-7430 or the Biology Department at (717) 871-4321. 


Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2018
Millersville University Department of Biology


Faculty Searches – Please watch for postings about presentation times.

March 7

Harold Weirich Memorial Lecture
“The Use of Plants in Medicine: Organizing Principles and Examples”
Kenneth   Klemow, Ph.D., Professor, Biology and GeoEnvironmental Science, Wilkes   University
(Host – C. Hardy) 

March 21

“Understanding the Ecology of Parasites in Changing Environments"
Alex Hernandez, Ph.D.,   Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Kutztown University
(Host - J. Wallace)  

March 28

“Yeast Experimental Evolution”
Greg Lang, Ph.D., MU'01. Assistant   Professor, Biological Sciences, Lehigh University
(Host – C. Hepfer)                     

April 4

"Same Ingredients, Different Recipes: The Regulatory Potential of UTR Isoforms”
Merv Fansler, MU’16, Graduate   Student, Computational Biology and Medicine program, Weill Cornell Graduate   School of Medical Sciences at Cornell University
(Host – C. Hepfer)

April 11

“Epigenetic Regulation of Differentiation and Tumor Suppressor Networks in   Bladder Cancer”
Jenna Craig-Buckwalter, Ph.D., MU’10, Postdoctoral Associate, Penn State Hershey   College of Medicine 
(Host – C. Hepfer)

April 18

“Forest Fragmentation and Marcellus Shale development in Pennsylvania”
W. Michael Griffin, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie   Mellon University
(Host – J. Cosentino)

April 25

"Academia and Industry: Career and Science"
Kurtis Bachman, Ph.D., MU’95,   Head, Colorectal Cancer Interception, Janssen Oncology 
(Host – C. Hepfer)