Biology Academic Support & Course Assistance

Need assistance with your coursework or exam preparation? Need advice on dealing with online courses? Want to make better grades?

The Biology Academic Mentors are available online (via Zoom) for remote assistance! Together, our mentors are now offering 20 hours of academic support each week. Click the link below to see the days and times of academic support sessions. 

      The Spring Schedule for Biology Academic Support will be linked here when available! 

One-on-one study sessions with Biology Academic Mentors are available in 30min increments.

How to get started? To request an appointment and receive the Zoom meeting information to work with a mentor, send your name, phone number, preferred time slot, and the course for which you need assistance to It is best to book your appointment with mentors at least 24hrs in advance, but we will accommodate shorter notice if we can.

Bring a classmate or a friend! Small group study sessions with mentors can be arranged!

Which mentor should I work with? First, choose from the mentors who are best able to provide assistance for the course(s) you are currently taking. In the Weekly Schedule (link above), the courses listed in each study block are those for which the mentor can provide assistance. Second, go to the link below to learn more about our mentors to see if there is one that you might identify or connect with (e.g., based on major, shared interests, etc.).

               Click HERE to meet the Biology Academic Peer Mentors!

Need something else? If you need assistance but cannot be available during the pre-scheduled study times listed on the schedule above, need assistance with a course not listed in the schedule, or if you have any other questions about academic support for biology, please contact Dr. Horton at, and he will try to find a way to assist you!

               Click HERE to for Additional Academic Support Resources