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Strategic Planning Design 2025

Our new 2025 strategic plan launched on July 1, 2020.  This new plan guides Millersville from 2020 to 2025.  The existing Strategic Advisory Council (SAC), President's Council (PC), and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (Cabinet) will continue to refine and monitor our new plan. Special thanks to the All University Council (AUC) for their work to craft an excellent foundation.


We are a community dedicated to high quality education at an exceptional value.


We will inspire learners to change the world.


Exploration, Public Mission, Professionalism, Integrity, Inclusion, Compassion

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The 2025 Strategic Plan is now available - click below.

Tradition and Transformation (PDF)

Strategic Planning Process Video

Watch a video on the strategic planning process along with a tribute to Dr. Lisa Shibley.


Our special thanks to the more than 80 members of the AUC that served during the 2019-20 academic year to provide broad constituent input into the development of the 2020-25 Strategic Plan. Members of the AUC met regularly during the 2019-20 academic year to learn about the proposed elements of the plan, share ideas with their constituents to gather feedback on plan elements, and report feedback to the AUC.

As part of the plan design, AUC members served on the Phase teams that designed or updated the elements of the 2020-25 strategic plan. The five phase teams, along with their focus area and membership:

  • Phase 1, Refresh Mission Statement - Members 
  • Phase 2, Update Vision Statement - Members
  • Phase 3, Identify Strategic Issues - Members
  • Phase 4, Design Goals and Objectives - Members
  • Phase 5, Propose Strategies - Members

Strategic Direction 1

Ensure Access, Affordability and Completion

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Strategic Direction 2

Transform student experiences and foster innovation

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Strategic Direction 3

Invest strategically in people and place

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Strategic Direction 4

Communicate Our Value

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Email Mrs. Kay Keen, Administrative Assistant - Planning, Assessment, and Analysis
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  • Our BOLD Path Archives


    President's Annual Report 2016-17

    Reports and updates to Millersville's Strategic Plan, Our BOLD Path, may be found here.

     Goal Focus Areas:

    Goal A. To engage learners to contribute positively to contemporary and future workplaces and communities.

    Goal B. To ensure long-term success of the University.

    Goal C. To embrace agility within our culture of excellence.

    The efforts of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and the input and alignment from the University community are greatly appreciated!


    Our BOLD Path Progress

    We are in our fifth and final year of Our BOLD Path, the University's strategic plan that was endorsed by the Council of Trustees in June 2014. The original 2014-15 plan is available here

    Most current President's Annual Report is located HERE

    SAC Workshop agendas, notes and supporting background materials may be found HERE.

    In the summer of 2017, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee reviewed the work plan and presented the updated work plan to the Strategic Advisory Council in fall 2017.  For internal university business only.  Updated work plans are located below:

    Goal A: Engage Learners

    Goal B: Ensure Success

    Goal C: Embrace Agility

    In the summer of 2015, after reviewing insights from the SAC workshop in February 2015, EAB research, and a discussion of progress on expected outcomes and indicators; Cabinet members identified potential change of course items. These items were announced at the President's Convocation, discussed at the October 2015 SAC workshop, and approved by Cabinet in early November 2015. The change of course items, and progress along Our BOLD Path may be viewed in the 2014-15 President's Report.

    Phase II Implementation Began!

    During the summer of 2014, Cabinet enhanced strategies, identified action plans and suggested key performance indicators for the Work Plan plan. Cabinet, as the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and the Strategic Advisory Council, will collaborate annually to update the plan strategies based upon progress and key opportunities and challenges in our environment. 

    Phase I Completed!

    The 2013-14 Strategic Planning Steering Committee met regularly, participated in several mini-retreats, and engaged the University community to propose an updated mission statement, a new vision, core values, as well as new goals for at least the next three years.  The draft plan was delivered to Cabinet on March 26, 2014, and approved on April 1, 2014.  The Council of Trustees endorsed the plan on June 18, 2014. Input from the University community was sought throughout the process to create alignment.

    For more information

    Mrs. Kay Keen, Administrative Assistant - Planning, Assessment, and Analysis