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Middle States 2020 Self-Study Process

Millersville University's Self-Study 2020 Report


Millersville launched its 2020 self-study process on Friday, December 15, 2017 with the first meeting of the 2020 Middle States Steering Committee (MSSC). The first task of the MSSC will be to create the self-study design which will include structure, institutional priorities and self-study outcomes, and a preliminary evidence inventory.

Middle States 2020 Self-Study Videos

Learn about Millersville University’s 2020 self-study process from members of the Middle States Steering...

The 2020 Middle States Self-Study process will be led by the Coordinating Team:

  • Dr. James Delle, Associate Provost (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Laurie Hanich, Professor, Educational Foundations (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Lisa Shibley, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Assessment and Planning (Coordinator)

Steering Committee membership includes the co-chairs of the four working groups:

Working Group on Standard 1 (Mission and Goals) and Standard 6 (Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement)

  • Mr. Scott Anderson (Associate Professor, Library)
  • Dr. Victor DeSantis (Interim Chief of Staff)

Working Group on Standard 2 (Ethics and Integrity) and Standard 7 (Governance, Leadership, and Administration)

  • Dr. Jennifer Wood (Associate Professor, Communication and Theatre)
  • Mr. Andy Welaish (Director, Library Operations)

Working Group on Standard 3 (Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience) and Standard 5 (Educational Effectiveness Assessment)

  • Dr. Lynn Marquez (Professor, Geology and General Education Coordinator)
  • Dr. George Drake (Dean, College of Education and Human Services)

Working Group on Standard 4 (Support of the Student Experience)

  • Dr. David Henriques (Assistant Professor, Academic Advisement & Student Development)
  • Dr. Janice Moore (Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning)

2020 Self Study Timeline


The process includes three phases:

Self-Study Design (July 2017 to September 2018)
Self-Study Process (September 2018 to January 2020)
Site Visit (September 13-16, 2020)

For a more detailed timeline, View PDF