Program Review


Program reviews are conducted on a five-year cycle with the exception of program accreditations that have alternate calendars. The program review process includes writing a self-study report. Evidence for program review includes annual assessment reports conducted by program faculty and a standard data packet provided by the Planning, Assessment, and Analysis Office.

The program self-study report highlights the following:  Program context, progress on prior program review recommendations, curriculum and student learning, enrollment and student success, resources, and recommendations.

An external evaluator from outside of the state system, proposed by the department, nominated by the Dean, and approved the Provost, will provide feedback.

The department, in consultation with the Dean, will create an updated action plan based on the program review final recommendations. An updated student learning outcomes assessment plan is a second desirable outcome of the program review process.  

Program review process outcomes may be shared with the Millersville University Council of Trustees, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, program accreditors, students, and other stakeholders.


  1. Process and Timeline
  2. Self-Study Report Template
  3. External Reviewer Information


NON-ACADEMIC UNIT program review

Non-academic units include academic-support, student-support, and administrative units. Resources are provided below to inform the program review process.


  1. Process and Timeline
  2. Program Review Guidance
  3. EPPIIC Values Reflection Template
  4. External Reviewer Information
  5. Signature Page