Planning, Assessment, and Analysis

Millersville University employs a six-pronged approach to understanding its effectiveness:

  1. A planning process that guides decision-making including divisional goals and strategies aligned with the University's Tradition and Transformation Strategic Plan;
  2. A university-wide strategic plan reviewed annually and assessed through key performance indicators;
  3. An annual report process that provides updates and implications for improvement with goal-oriented work plans;
  4. A system accountability plan submitted annually to PASSHE;
  5. A systematic process to assess student learning outcomes at the University and program levels; and
  6. A five-year program review process.

To assist you in learning about Millersville's institutional effectiveness, this site is divided into three main components:

Support to understand our institutional effectiveness is provided by the Planning, Assessment and Analysis area which is comprised of two areas:

Campus Climate Assessment 

Please click HERE for more information on our Campus Climate Assessments.