Strategic Advisory Council

Strategic Advisory Council

The Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) will meet at least two times per year in workshop or retreat format and may meet as needed to address strategic issues that arise during the year.  The SAC will be led by the Strategic Planning Facilitation Team.  The SAC will:

  • Review updates to strategies as informed by performance indicators and progress towards expected outcomes and provide input to the President and the SPSC on revised or updated strategies
  • Identify issues that arise from observation of higher education trends and external challenges or opportunities that impact the fulfillment of our mission and achievement of our goals
  • Align the Middle States Commission on Higher Education decennial and periodic review processes with planning processes 

 The membership of the SAC will include:

  • The Strategic Planning Facilitation Team (the two co-chairs and the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Assessment and Planning),
  • A Council of Trustee representative, appointed by the COT Chair,
  • Deans’ Council members,
  • Presidents of APSCUF, AFSCME, SCUPA and Faculty Senate (or their respective designee),
  • Five selected faculty department chairs (one each from the College of Science and Technology, the College of Education and Human Services, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Lombardo College of Business, and the University College),
  • Student Senate and Graduate Student Association presidents (or their respective designee),
  • The Alumni Board and the Foundation Board presidents (or their respective designee), and
  • The Associate Vice President of Finance & Administration, Associate Vice Presidents for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Associate Vice President for Student Financial Services, Executive Director of Human Resources, and Director of Admissions.
  • The President and the Budget Director will serve as ex-officio members.
  • The Planning, Assessment & Analysis Administrative Assistant will provide staff support.

The term of office for all SAC members, with exception of the selected faculty department chairs, will be the duration of their leadership role in the respective position listed.  The selected department chairs will serve terms that are staggered.  The Provost will recommend department chairs to the President for approval of membership on the SAC.