Strategic Direction 1

Ensure access, affordability and completion

Goal 1: Increase overall headcount to 7,000 students

Objective A:  Maintain the number and quality of incoming freshmen
Objective B:  Increase Graduate, Non-traditional (age 25 and up), and International Student enrollments
Objective C:  Increase enrollments in online programs and intersessions

Goal 2: Decrease cost of attendance

Objective A:  Increase number of scholarships and grants for students
Objective B:  Create a financial literacy program for students

Goal 3: Implement institutional strategies to enhance student success

Objective A:  Eliminate barriers to student success
Objective B:  Improve quality of holistic advisement for students
Objective C:  Create support structures to reduce academic risk factors for students

Goal 4: Increase course success and 4-year graduation rates

Objective A:  Increase student retention rates
Objective B:  Ensure students earn 30 credits per year
Objective C:  Close the graduation gap for under-represented students
Objective D:  Create support programs for re-entering students