Strategic Direction 2

Transform student experiences and foster innovation

Goal 1: Provide innovative experiential learning opportunities

Objective A: Increase the integration of high-impact practices in the curriculum
Objective B: Enhance living-learning communities for students
Objective C: Enhance mentoring programs for students
Objective D: Enhance global education and intercultural engagement

Goal 2: Prepare students to meet future workforce needs

Objective A: Link academic programs to emerging workforce needs
Objective B: Enhance co-curricular learning opportunities that lead to career-ready skills
Objective C: Expand short-format credentials for students

Goal 3: Enhance sense of community

Objective A: Integrate inclusive excellence in institutional practices
Objective B: Increase collaborative efforts, funding, and identity-specific resources that advance inclusive excellence
Objective C: Enhance campus community sense of belonging and satisfaction

Goal 4: Enhance student well-being

Objective A: Ensure physical and mental health wellness of students
Objective B: Assist students experiencing food and housing insecurity
Objective C: Address the needs of commuter students