Pre-podiatry -- B.S./D.P.M.

About The Program

The Pre-Podiatry program is a cooperative option between Millersville University and the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. It is a 3/4 pre-professional program which allows students to transfer to professional school after satisfactorily completing 99 semester hours at Millersville. After successful completion of the basic science courses at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, students are awarded a B.S. in biology from Millersville University. Three recommended Millersville students a year have reserved spaces for admission to the podiatric college, where graduation after four years earns a D.P.M. degree.


CURRICULUM Requirements SHEET (BLUE-SHEET)MU Academic Catalog Curriculum Sheets 

Course requirements:
BIOL 211, 263, 356, 365, and 435. 16 s.h. chemistry; 8 s.h. physics; MATH 161 and 162; 6 s.h. psychology. 24 s.h. transfer credits from Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine.

Applications for Professional School for Podiatry:

Additional Information: Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine