Secondary Education - B.S.E.

About The Program

Our curriculum in Secondary Education is rigorous and designed to provide expertise in both Biology and Education, to ensure that our graduates become outstanding teachers. The biology content of our curriculum is provided by our department, while the education content is provided by the Department of Educational Foundations in our School of Education.  One of our guiding philosophies is that future biology teachers should have a solid grounding in the physical sciences because biology is a science that requires a basic understanding of the physical world.  Thus this program includes extensive coursework in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. It also includes a strong liberal arts orientation. Our goal is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of today's world and to be ready for the unknown challenges of the future. Thus we believe that the best training for the future is to become a lifelong learner. The Biology faculty at Millersville is a group of such learners who attempt to teach students how to be critical thinkers because critical thinkers make the best teachers.
We strongly believe that scientific research is an extremely valuable experience for students. Therefore, the members of the Biology Faculty maintain active research programs specifically geared to the participation and training of undergraduates and enthusiastically encourage our BSE students to include independent research in their programs of study because we believe that experience ultimately will help them become better teachers.

Our BSE students also benefit greatly from a campus with rich resources and expertise in a wide range of related subspecialties. Rigorous programs and outstanding faculties in meteorology, geology, chemistry, oceanography, environmental biology, and geography enhance the strength of our program. The Millersville University Environmental Institute (MUCES) serves as an organizational framework for all these programs and involves faculty, students and off-campus organizations in partnerships dedicated to research and education on matters relating to the understanding, management, and protection of the natural resources of the lower Susquehanna region.


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Our BSE graduates hold teaching positions in middle and high schools throughout the country. In addition to the obvious career track of the BSE. A number of our graduates pursue advanced degrees, and ultimately take positions as college professors or government researchers. Some have used their degree in teaching to follow careers in industry and other non-traditional teaching careers, e.g. working in environmental education centers, as corporate trainers, etc.


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