Pre-Optometry – B.S.

About The Program

The Optometry program is a cooperative option between Millersville University and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (P.C.O.). Students who select this option complete three years of undergraduate work at Millersville and then transfer to P.C.O. for the first year of study in a doctoral program. Students who complete the year with good grades receive a B.S. in biology from Millersville University and after three additional years earn the Doctor of Optometry degree.

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Course requirements:
BIOL 211, 263, 375, 461, 472. Electives to bring total biology credits to 20. 20 s.h. chemistry, 7 s.h. mathematics/computer science including calculus; 8 s.h. physics, 3 s.h. psychology. 24 s.h. transfer credits upon completion of one year at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Additional Information: Pennsylvania College of Optometry