Scholarships And Awards

Departmental Honors

Students who are highly motivated and who wish to pursue a particular area of interest through intensive research are encouraged to consider Departmental Honors. Prior to embarking on a honors research project, students should have explored the problem with a faculty member through an independent study venture. Guidelines for completing Departmental Honors are available in the Biology Department Office.

Upon successful completion of their thesis, students are recognized for their achievement at graduation with the designation of Departmental Honors on their diploma and University record. The desire to receive this recognition is not sufficient reason to pursue departmental honors, you should possess a genuine desire to solve a problem in life science.

To be eligible for this program, students must have a cumulative QPA of at least 3.0 and the endorsement of a faculty member.

Awards in Biology

Our department rewards excellent students in a number of ways. Biology students should especially note the following:

Alex Henderson Scholarship

This award is made to outstanding students in biology. It is based on a proposal for a project that is interdisciplinary in nature which is submitted by the student prior to their junior or senior year.

Antone K. Fontes Health Professions Award

Reference books presented to students who are completing their studies at MU and who have demonstrated outstanding ability in the premedical/ predental, nursing, and allied health programs. One student is selected from each of the three areas on the basis of quality point average and recommendations.

Arthur and Claribel Walker Gerhart Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students of biology to work on projects early in their careers at Millersville. This award is made to a biology major in good academic standing, usually in their sophomore or junior year, based on applications due early in the Spring semester.

Biology Scholarships Endowment

Awarded to incoming biology majors in the freshman year who are full-time students pursuing a BS, BA or BSEd in biology . Selection shall be based on merit demonstrated by high school class rank or GPA performance with emphasis on academic performance in mathematics and science courses, standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), and other criteria as determined by the admissions office and the biology department.

Charles D. Spotts Naturalist-Humanist Award

A memorial cash award made to the upper division student who, in the opinion of the Entomology Club, has contributed most to the naturalist-humanist ethic.

Dr. Charles R. Winter Foundation Award in Pre-Med

Awarded to pre-med students attending MU.

Class of 1911 Award

Also known as the H. Justin Roddy Prize for Proficiency in the Teaching of Science, this cash prize is given to a graduating senior, who, in student teaching, shows greatest promise of becoming a successful teacher of the sciences.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) Award

Given on the bases of academic standing, excellence in biology and research potential.

Curtis and Janice Pettaway Scholarship

Awarded to an under-represented upperclassman majoring in biology with an interest in pre-medicine who has maintained a GPA of at least 3.0. First preference to a current senior followed by a junior then sophomore.

Don R. and Judith C. Carter Scholarship for J.P. McCaskey High School Students

Awarded to graduates of J.P. McCaskey High School who matriculated at Millersville University with intent to concentrate either in Business or in one or more of the biological or physical sciences. The scholarship may be renewed three times, provided that the recipient maintains a 2.8 quality point average in the year prior and continues to make progress in the major of business or science.

Henry Franklin Bitner Science Prizes

Two Bitner Prizes are given annually, one in physical science and one in biological science. Teachers of these sciences, together with the dean of the School of Science and Mathematics, shall recommend to the faculty the senior students best qualified for these awards.

Henry J. Rutherford Memorial Award

A cash award made to an upper division student who, in the opinion of the PRIORITY organization, has been constructively involved in environmental action and environmental enrichment activities


This scholarship will be awarded to an entering freshman (Fall 2013) with an avid interest in plant sciences. The scholarship includes money to help pay for University tuition and fees, as well as funds for botanical research, and may be renewed for up to three additional years. Applications are currently being accepted.

Dr. James Groff Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated strong academic performance in a course of study which may lead to a degree in medicine and who has demonstrated financial need.

Keever Biology Research Training Grant

Awarded to undergraduate biology majors who have completed 60 or more credits of course work with a QPA of at least 3.0. It is intended to support student research investigations, and is funded by an endowment established by Dr. Catherine Keever.

Mervin W. Hess Scholarship

Awarded to a student(s) interested in a health profession career or a teaching career in math or science, who has a minimum high school average of 3.0 or higher and demonstrated financial need. Scholarship is renewable for four years as long as the student(s) maintains an overall academic average of 3.0.

N.E. Shoemaker Biology Teaching Scholarship

A scholarship granted annually to the sophomore secondary education biology major who has earned the highest quality point average.

Neimeyer Hodgson Student Research Grant

Any student attending MU in pursuit of the baccalaureate degree is eligible to apply for the grant.

Rachel Carson Biology Field Course Scholarships

Awarded to at least two students for field biology courses that require residence at a site other than Millersville University. Recipients must be in good academic standing overall (i.e., at least 2.00 QPA) and within their academic major, and pursuing a BA, BS or BSE in the sciences or mathematics. Although preference may be given to students in the marine biology option, students with majors in other areas of biology, other sciences or mathematics at Millersville University are encouraged to apply. Financial need may be considered but it is not the deciding factor in selection.

Ratzlaff Scholarship Fund  

Awarded to an incoming biology major. The scholarship may be renewed for the student's four-year progress through the university if the student remains a biology major and maintains a QPA of 3.0 or greater. After awarded for the incoming freshman year, the scholarship may be renewed for three additional years.

Robertson Endowed Library Garden Botany Internship

Established in 2012-13 as an endowment gift from Drs. Patricia K.'66 and Charles W. Robertson, Jr. to support a student for one year as a Botany Intern, working with a supervising Biology professor, to design and implement a new element or the creative maintenance of an existing element in the University's native-plant-themed Library Reading-Sculpture Garden. Students selected for this internship must be rising sophomores, juniors or seniors with a CGPA of 2.5 or greater, with first preference to Biology majors with a Plant Sciences Option, who must demonstrate an interest in pursuing advanced study or a career in horticulture, horticultural taxonomy, landscape design or other related disciplines in the plant sciences, and will be the student deemed most capable of completing a successful project in a timely manner. There is no written application for this internship. Instead, selection of a student is usually made in the Spring semester by the President or his/her designee, and typically is based on the recommendation by Biology faculty of a qualified student who has already identified a potential supervising Biology professor. Yearly income from the endowment will be dispersed as 1) tuition for internship credit(s), 2) registration fees for a relevant conference or travel (such as the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference hosted by Millersville University or travel to nearby gardens or arboreta), 3) resources for supplies, and 4) as a stipend for up to 200 documented hours devoted to internship activities.

Student Independent or Honors College Biology Research Endowment

Awarded to students enrolled in Independent Biology Research and Biology Honors courses (currently Biology 498 and Biology 499) and may include costs to attend, to prepare materials for presentation or to travel to conferences helpful to the student's research efforts.

Syd Radinovsky Scholarship in Biological Research (DOC)

This scholarship will be awarded to an entering freshman with a keen interest in research. The scholarship includes money to help pay for University tuition and fees, as well as funds for biological research, and may be renewed for up to three additional years.  

William Yurkiewicz Fellowship

First preference is to a junior or senior student who is conducting research with a high probability of publication in a peer-reviewed journal.  The award is renewable provided that the student continues satisfactory progress towards publication and progresses towards graduation.