Biology - B.S.

About The Program

The origins, structure, function and development, distribution, and ecological roles of living organisms comprise the subject matter of biology. As biologists we are interested in all aspects of the living things. We use scientific methods to explore how organisms grow and develop, how they replicate, how they work and how they behave. We try to understand living organisms at all levels of organization, from global patterns of distribution to the pattern of the genetic code itself. Our curricula are designed to be rigorous and challenging and to provide both depth of knowledge in specialized areas as biology as well a solid, broad background in the breadth of biology. Our philosophy is that our students first should become excellent biologists and then specialists within biological science. Because biology is a science that is built on our understanding of the physical world as revealed by the physical sciences, all the programs in Biology require extensive coursework in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

Our programs combine rigorous training in science with a strong background in the liberal arts. Our goal is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s world and to be ready for the unknown challenges of the future. Thus we strongly believe that the best training for the future is to become a lifelong learner. The Biology faculty at Millersville is a group of such learners who attempt to teach students how to become critical thinkers. We help our students learn to write and speak well and to become proficient in analyzing and solving problems as well as develop the technical expertise they need to become sources of knowledge and skill wanted by employers and society. We attempt to help our students develop their intellectual skills to their full potential.

We strongly believe that scientific research is an extremely valuable experience for students. Therefore, the members of the Biology Faculty maintains active research programs specifically geared to the participation and training of undergraduates. Not only do these activities provide useful training and experience for our students, but they help keep the faculty abreast of and participating in the advancement of biological knowledge, and ultimately these scholarly activities aid us in becoming better teachers.





The B.S. program in Biology is designed for students desiring either entry-level employment or advanced study in Biology. Thus this program is both comprehensive and flexible enough to prepare students so that they can gain immediate employment, or enter graduate school or start professional study in a school of medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, optometry or podiatry. Recent surveys indicate that over 90% of our graduates seeking employment after graduation find jobs in Biology in a wide variety of career tracks. For a listing of jobs obtained by past Millersville graduates as well as career tracks, visit the Career Possibilities page.