Degree Programs

Major Degree Programs

Allied Health Technology (B.S.)

Medical Technology Option – B.S.

In this program, students study for three years at Millersville and then apply for admission to an accredited regional teaching hospital for one year of clinical training in medical technology. Then students are awarded a BS in Biology, Medical Technology Option. After completing the required work, students may sit for a national examination which, if successfully completed, confers board certification in medical technology.

Nuclear Medicine Technology – B.S.

To earn a BS in Biology with the Nuclear Medicine Technology Option, students must complete three years of study at Millersville, then apply for admission to Lancaster Institute for Health Education for one year's training at a regional hospital. After completing the degree, students are prepared to take a national examination which, if passed, grants board certification in nuclear medicine technology.

Pre-Athletic Training Program

This is a dual degree program for well-prepared students.  During 3 years of study at MU, students complete the requirements for admission to an affiliated graduate program.  Upon completion of 1 year of graduate study, credits transfer back to MU to satisfy the requirements for the BS degree in Allied Health Technology, Pre-Athletic Training.  Students then earn a MS in Athletic Training from the affiliated university after a second year of graduate study.

Respiratory Therapy – B.S.

This program consists of three years study as a Biology/Respiratory Therapy major or two years study as an Allied Health Technology/Respiratory Therapy major at Millersville followed by a 19-month clinical training phase cosponsored by UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster. At the end of their studies students are awarded the BS in Biology, Respiratory Therapy option or Allied Health Technology, Respiratory Therapy option. They are eligible to sit for the entry-level national certification examination, and when that is passed, the Clinical Simulation Exam. Persons already holding baccalaureate degrees may apply for admission into the clinical phase of the program as certification students.

Sports Medicine - B.S.

This program is for students who wish to pursue a career in healthcare professions such as Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physician Assistant or Orthopedic Medicine. Healthcare professional preparation programs typically require that students hold an earned B.S. degree prior to admission into graduate school. The curriculum for this program includes the prerequisite coursework they will need to earn a B.S. degree and become eligible for graduate school at other universities to pursue a future career in these healthcare professions. 


Biology (B.S.)

Biology – B.S.

A large percentage of our students chose to obtain the B.S. in Biology without an “option” or specialization in a particular area of biology. Our goal in this flexible programs is to prepare students broadly in biology so that they can gain immediate employment, or enter graduate school, or start professional study in a school of medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, optometry or podiatry.

Animal Behavior Option – B.S.

This option is designed for students who wish to specialize in the study of animal behavior, the scientific study of the causes, functions, development, and evolutionary history of behavior. Students will be prepared for careers in education, whether in a classroom or at an aquarium or zoological garden; research, whether sponsored by companies, universities or the government; animal-human interactions, including both pet and livestock management; and animal conservation biology.

Environmental Biology Option – B.S.

Designed to prepare students either to work as environmental managers or to pursue graduate study this program gives students a strong background in basic biology and ecology. Public service or private employment in conservation, environmental management, planning and consulting, pollution abatement, public health, natural resource management, aquatic biology, and wildlife managers are some of the career areas available to students in this program. Many students in this program complete internships, co-ops and/or independent student-research projects as part of their education.

Marine Biology Option – B.S.

This special program prepares students for careers in marine biology and graduate study. Our affiliation with the Marine Science Consortium and its field station at Wallops Island, Virginia gives students hands-on experience and training with marine organisms and environments. Students in this program take several three-week long intensive courses during the summer at the field station.

Molecular Biology/Biotechnology Option – B.S.

Designed to prepare students both for careers in the fast-growing industry associated with molecular biology and for admission into graduate and professional schools, this program allows students to concentrate in molecular and cellular biology while obtaining a broad background in biology and in the liberal arts. Students in this program complete advanced courses in biochemistry and in molecular and cellular techniques; many take advantage of opportunities to complete independent research projects in genetics, developmental biology, virology, cell and molecular biology, or endocrinology.

Plant Sciences Option – B.S.

This option is designed for students who wish to specialize in the study of plants in preparation for graduate study or for careers in plant sciences such as plant propagation, genetic plant engineering, horticulture, forestry, agriculture, plant ecology or the floral industry.

Pre-Medical Professions Option; Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, and Pre-Vet - B.S.

As with all of its preprofessional programs, Millersville University believes that undergraduate training for medical school should focus on a well-rounded education. Therefore, premedical professional option students are required to take a core foundation of liberal arts courses. That foundation, in combination with the recommended scientific courses, prepares premedical students at Millersville for the rigors of medical education. It also challenges them to develop both their abilities and perceptions so they are primed for the diagnostic and ethical demands of medical practice.

Pre-Optometry – B.S.

Students in this program complete the first three years of study at Millersville. Those who meet the admissions standards of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) are eligible to apply for admission. After completion of the first year of study at PCO,the successful Millersville student is awarded the BS in Biology. After completing the PCO four-year program of study students then are awarded the Doctor of Optometry degree from PCO.

Pre-Podiatry – B.S./D.P.M.

This cooperative program between Millersville and the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine allows Millersville students to transfer to the professional school after satisfactorily completing three years at the University. After successful completion of the basic science courses at Temple the student is awarded a BS in Biology from Millersville. Each year, three spaces for admission to the podiatric school are reserved for Millersville students. After four years of successful study at the podiatric school the student earns a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Temple University.

Pre-Genetic Counseling

This program is for students who wish to pursue a career in genetic counseling. Genetic counseling programs typically require that students hold an earned B.S. degree prior to admission into graduate school. Admission to these graduate programs is highly competitive and requires completion of a baccalaureate with excellent academic credentials. This program includes the prerequisite coursework students need to earn a B.S. degree and become eligible for graduate school at other universities to pursue a future career in genetic counseling.


Biology (B.S.E.)

Secondary Education – B.S.E.

Traditionally one of the strengths at Millersville, this program prepares students to be teaching biologists. Our goal is graduates who are highly competent biologist who are also highly effective in teaching biology at the secondary school level. The four-year program includes broad training in the physical and biological sciences and extensive coursework in professional education. Students who already hold baccalaureate pedigrees may also apply to be Biology certification students.


Minor Degree Programs 


Minor in Biology


Minor in Molecular Biology / Biotechnology


 (*BS BIOL and BS ALHT majors cannot declare minors in biology or molecular biology)


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