Other Academic Support Services Available at MU

Other Academic Support Services Available at MU for Fall 2021

 If you have an online course, go HERE to learn Strategies for Success in Online Courses.

 Need help with a Chemistry course? Go HERE. Or, need help with a Math course? Go HERE.

 Have you considered talking to a Success Coach? They can help you improve a host of skills that foster academic success, and can help you deal with challenges you may face along the way. Go HERE to learn more about success coaching specifically for science majors.

 Increase your Academic Resilience! Go HERE to learn how to effectively deal with setbacks, stress, and pressure in academics, and how to overcome obstacles to academic success. And, go HERE to join a webinar series featuring a list of speakers who can teach you about strategies for achieving academic success despite the challenges you may face.

 Go HERE to check out all that Learning Services at Millersville University has to offer! They offer workshops and other resources to help you build your academic skillset to improve your study habits and performance in your courses. And, Learning Services is the place to go to learn more about accommodations for students with a learning or physical disability.