Student Employment

Student Employment Information

Intramural Staff

The current intramural staff consists of Recreation Managers, Intramural Supervisors, Intramural Supervisors in Training, Sport Officials, and Office Assistants.

Current available employment opportunities are Sport Officials.

We are hiring Sport Officials in the basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey, flag football, soccer (outdoor soccer in fall/spring semester and indoor soccer in spring semester), kickball, softball, and volleyball.

No prior experience is required. 

Flexible hours continue to attract applicants to the intramural staff. 

Mandatory training dates can be viewed on

Hours of work are generally 8:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.  Afternoon hours are possible for twilight leagues between 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Intramural staff learn numerous transferable skills such as increased communication skills, conflict management, problem solving, and managing diverse people, situations, and games.  Following policies, enforcing intramural rules, and maintaining sportsmanship within an enjoyable competitive environment is the most important part of the intramural staff.

After hiring and continious satisfactory employement, intramural employees have numerous opportunities for advancement.


***All those interested MUST attend ONE of the following meetings to be considered.***

Date Time Location
August 29 12:00pm SMC Room 18
August 30 2:30pm SMC Room 18
August 30 9:30pm SMC Room 18
September 5 12:00pm SMC Room 18
September 5 9:30pm SMC Room 18
September 7 12:00pm SMC Room 18
September 7 5:00pm SMC Room 18
September 7 9:30pm SMC Room 18


Certified Lifeguards are needed to supervise the pools at Brooks Gym and Pucillo Gym.

Flexible hours.

Ropes Course Facilitators

Ropes Course Facilitiators are needed to supervise the Millersville University Ropes Course.  No prior experience is necessary as all ropes course facilitators go through extensive training.  The MU Ropes Course is comprised of 12 high elements and 11 low elements.  Ropes Course Facilitators are responsible for ensuring a safe and challenging program for all participants in any of the ropes course activities.  Typical hours for ropes course facilitators are 4 – 6 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and flexible weekend hours depending on group scheduled needs.

Application Process

All applicants for student employment must complete tax forms, provide social security card, and picture ID to the Student Payroll Staff in the Dilworth Building.  These forms and identification must be presented to the student payroll staff before pay information can be processed for any and all work performed by the student. 

For further information contact the Student Payroll Office at (717) 871-4275.

Application Forms

Applications can be found on the Campus Recreation page on "Get Involved @ MU"

1)      Click on the job you wish to apply for

2)      Click on “Log In” 

3)      Use your MyVille username and password to log in

4)      Complete the registration information

5)      Once logged in, you will be able to fill out and submit application for approval 

Or click the links below for the following applications:

Intramural Staff Application - drop completed applications off in the office in the SMC, room 38 or email it to Allison Yarrow at

Lifeguard Staff Application - drop completed applications off in the office in the SMC, room 38 or email it to Gordon Nesbitt at 

Ropes Course Staff Application - drop completed applications off in the office in the SMC, room 38 or email it to Gordon Nesbitt at