Why a Meal Plan?

Most students spend their days on campus rushing from class to class.  Leaving campus to eat is time-consuming and expensive.  Our operations are conveniently located throughout the campus, saving you time and money. Ten dining facilities (including The Upper Deck at Gordinier Hall, the Galley and Juice Bar at the Student Memorial Center, The Anchor, The Cove, Cyber Cafe,Starbucks, The Marauder Express, and Campus Grill) a choice of seven meal plans and additional flexible dollars provide many alternatives for students to determine the right plan to meet their academic schedule.  With emphasis on variety, meals are nutritious and tastefully prepared.  A wide range of service hours are offered in up-to-date and easily accessible dining facilities. If you choose not to eat a meal in either dining hall, Meal Express may be used at The Galley, The Cove, The Anchor, the Juice bar, or Cyber Cafe for a cash value.

University Dining at Millersville is committed to providing the best possible food and service to our customers.  Our friendly and dedicated staff take pride in serving a wide variety of high quality, fresh foods in pleasant, convenient settings throughout campus.

Visitors and Guests

Students' parents and friends are always welcome in the University Dining Halls.  Guests may pay for their meals at the dining room entrance.  Each student is allotted two (2) guest meals per semester as part of their meal plan.  Students may also use flex dollars to pay for guests.  Guest cash prices are as follows, and may be charged to the student's flexible dollars account:

  • Breakfast: - $ 8.25
  • Lunch: - $ 10.75               
  • Dinner: - $ 14.50

Students, faculty, staff, or anyone showing an MU Identification Card will be charged the University Rate:

  • Breakfast: - $ 7.00
  • Lunch: - $ 9.50               
  • Dinner: - $ 12.50

Flex and Dining Dollars

Flex Dollars are a part of each meal plan.

  • They may be spent at University Dining operations: The Upper Deck, The Anchor, The Cove, Juice Bar, Cyber Cafe, Campus Grill, Starbucks, The Marauder Express, and The Galley.  These flex dollars may be used for snacks or meals, and have been developed to expand the variety of available services to board plan participants without assessing extra charges for these services.
  • Flex Dollars will roll over from Fall to Spring Semester but are not refundable at the end of the Spring semester.  Flex dollars are part of each semester's meal plan and are not transferable.

Dining Dollars

  • Additional funds that can be purchased in increments of $50 throughout the semester.
  • Can be used at all Dining locations on campus
  • Dining Dollars roll over from Fall to Spring but are not refundable at the end of the Spring semester.