MU Closed Wednesday

With the forecast of “a wintry mix changing to snow,” Millersville University has decided to close the campus for Wednesday, November 26.  It is important to note that ALL classes will be held, as scheduled, the remainder of today and tonight.  Only essential personnel are to report on Wednesday. 

 Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

 Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations

Media Class Requirement

Media Class Requirement

A media course is a course that studies one of the media classes (radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, or the internet) as a communication vehicle. These courses are designed to address the NCTE Program Standards Section 3.6 requirement ("knowledge and understanding of the range and influence of print and non-print media and technology in contemporary culture").

Currently, the English courses approved for the media class requirement include Introduction to Film (ENGL 240); History of Film (ENGL 481); Film and American Society (ENGL 482); Politics, Film, and Electronic Media (ENGL 483); Brave New Worlds:Exploring Technology through Film (ENGL 484); and Ethnicity in Film (ENGL 347), all taught by Dr. Jill Craven.  These also can count as your English electives (if not used for your Perspectives course).

Other courses that can count for your media requirement include Culture through Film (ENGL 227); Survey of History, Structure, and Social Impact of American Mass Media (COMM 220); Media and Women's Culture (COMM 330); Philosophy in Film (PHIL 327)