Summer 2011 Course Information

Summer 2011 Course Information


English 662: Dialects of American English

English 668: The Teacher as Writer

English 670: Teaching Film and Media in the Secondary Classroom


Course Information: Summer Section 3 ENGL 435  Journalism through Women’s Perspectives

Dr. Schneller, Professor and Chair, Department of English, 717-871-3069

Readings for the course will be in three groups:

General history of women in the press: Whitt (2008) and Chambers, et al (2004)

Memoirs by women in the press: Stahl (1999),  Peate (1999), Davis, (2010), and Bly (2011, reprint 1890)

Women reporters in the arts: Lutes (2006) and Siegal (2008); films, “ His Girl Friday,” “Veronica Guerin,” “ Deadline USA,” “Broadcast News,” and “The Paper”

Course Goals: to provide an overview of the nature of women’s work as reporters from the 19th to the 21st centuries; to provide an outline of the experiences of women in the history of journalism; to engage in critical inquiry regarding women’s own and societies’ perceptions of women as news reporters

Course Outcomes: as a P course, we will be looking at the material from the perspectives of cultural criticism, feminism and historical/sociological approaches to women and work in the news industry.  Readings reflect a multicultural and international focus.

Assignments: Students will write two short papers and make 2 oral presentations (groups) in the course of the semester.  A list of topics for both will provided with the formal syllabus later in the Spring term.  A mid-term and a final exam will be given.

You may purchase your texts from the campus store, any online vendors, or use e-books or Kindle editions.  You must have purchased all books by the time class starts without exception.  There will be additional readings on reserve in Gerhardt and when possible, copies of the course texts will be on reserve for you as well or may order them in a timely manner through PALCI.  The texts are listed below:

Jan Whitt, Women in American Journalism. A New History. Illinois, 2008

Deborah Chambers, et al.  Women and Journalism. Routledge, 2004

Lesley Stahl, Reporting Live, 1999

Nellie Bly, Around the World in Seventy-Two Days, Dodo Press, 2011 (reprint 1890)

Belva Davis, Never in my Wildest Dreams, PoliPoint Press, 2010

Mary Peate, Girl in a CBC Studio, Shoreline, 1999

Jean Marie Lutes, Front-Page Girls: Women Journalists in American Culture and Fiction,1880-1930 Cornell, 2006

Nina Siegal, A Little Trouble with the Facts. A Novel.  Harper, 2008