BSE Education Sequence

Foundations Block

The BSE education sequence begins with the Foundations Bloc (formerly Sophomore Bloc). The bloc includes EDFN 211: Foundations of Modern Education and EDFN 241: Psychological Foundations of Teaching, and a field experience. Students must register for both classes in the same section in the Foundations Bloc.  To enroll in these courses you will need to present satisfactory Act 34/151 clearances. Consult the Field Services site for more information.

Classes are held two days per week during a 2.5 hour block. Students in morning Foundations bloc classes should not schedule any other classes between 8am and noon on the Foundations Bloc days. Similarly, students in afternoon Foundations Bloc classes should not schedule other classes between 11AM and 3:00PM. During the Field Experience portion of these classes, students will meet at an urban school during these times.

English Education Courses

After completing the foundations block, students are ready for our specialized education courses in English:

ENGL 486: Teaching Reading and Literature with Young Adults

ENGL 487: Seminar in Teaching Writing (ENGL 311 Advanced Composition is a prerequisite or co-requisite for ENGL 487)

Professional Bloc

After students have successfully completed the Foundations Bloc, English education courses, and have met all the requirements for admission to Advanced Professional Studies (APS), they are ready to take the Professional Bloc (formerly Junior Bloc). This bloc includes ENGL 488: Methods of Teaching English; EDSE 321: Issues in Secondary Education; EDFN 330: Instructional Technology, Design, and Assessment; EDSE 340: Content Area Literacy for Diverse Classrooms and SPED 346: Secondary Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Setting. These courses should be taken the semester before student teaching.

Requirements for admission to APS includes the passing of the necessary Pre-service Academic Permance Assessment (PAPA) and, again, presenting satisfactory Act 34/151 clearances. This part of the process may take several months, so please plan appropriately.  Consult the Field Services site for more information,

Student Teaching

After students have completed both the Foundations and Professional Blocs, they may pursue the student teaching experience. For more information, see the Student Teaching webpage.

Activities & Connections

Throughout their matriculation at Millersville, students are encouraged to become involved in activities that will enhance their academic preparation. A partial list of these activities can be found on the < ahref="">Early Field Experience website or in the Early Field Experience Hotline that is published three times each semester.

Students are also encouraged to join the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA), part of the Early Field Experience Office, in the Stayer Education Building, Room 109.

Education Co-advisor

To assist secondary education majors in their pursuit of a teaching certificate, the Department of Educational Foundations has instituted a co-advisement program. Each secondary education major is assigned a co-advisor who will assist him or her with the timely selection of education courses required for certification in the major. The departmental advisor will continue to be responsible for general advisement, signing registration materials, etc. Please remember that your co-advisor can assist you in successfully navigating the pre-certification highway. Do not hesitate to contact your co-advisor
Number of Credits Earned Co-advisor
0 - 30 credits
31- 60 credits
61 – 90 credits
91 – 120+ credits Elliott Seda
Post-Bacc Cert Laurie Hanich